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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
This is a python port of "Goose" orignialy licensed to
under one or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
distributed with this work for additional information
regarding copyright ownership.

Python port was written by Xavier Grangier for Recrutae licenses this file
to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance
with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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[docs]class Article(object): def __init__(self): self._title = "" self._cleaned_text = "" self._meta_description = "" self._meta_lang = "" self._meta_favicon = "" self._meta_keywords = "" self._meta_encoding = [] self._canonical_link = "" self._domain = "" self._top_node = None self._top_image = None self._tags = [] self._opengraph = {} self._tweets = [] self._movies = [] self._links = [] self._authors = [] self._final_url = "" self._link_hash = "" self._raw_html = "" self._schema = None self._doc = None self._raw_doc = None self._publish_date = None self._publish_datetime_utc = None self._additional_data = {} @property def title(self): ''' str: Title extracted from the HTML source Note: Read only ''' return self._title @property def cleaned_text(self): ''' str: Cleaned text of the article without HTML tags; most commonly desired property Note: Read only ''' return self._cleaned_text @property def meta_description(self): ''' str: Contents of the meta-description field from the HTML source Note: Read only ''' return self._meta_description @property def meta_lang(self): ''' str: Contents of the meta-lang field from the HTML source Note: Read only ''' return self._meta_lang @property def meta_favicon(self): ''' str: Contents of the meta-favicon field from the HTML source Note: Read only ''' return self._meta_favicon @property def meta_keywords(self): ''' str: Contents of the meta-keywords field from the HTML source Note: Read only ''' return self._meta_keywords @property def meta_encoding(self): ''' str: Contents of the encoding/charset field from the HTML source Note: Read only ''' return self._meta_encoding @property def canonical_link(self): ''' str: The canonical link of the article if found in the meta data Note: Read only ''' return self._canonical_link @property def domain(self): ''' str: Domain of the article parsed Note: Read only ''' return self._domain @property def top_node(self): ''' etree: The top Element that is a candidate for the main body of the article Note: Read only ''' return self._top_node @property def top_image(self): ''' Image: The top image object that likely represents the article Returns: Image: See more information on the goose3.Image class Note: Read only ''' return self._top_image @property def tags(self): ''' list(str): List of article tags (non-metadata tags) Note: Read only ''' return self._tags @property def opengraph(self): ''' dict: All opengraph tag data Note: Read only ''' return self._opengraph @property def tweets(self): ''' list(str): A listing of embeded tweets in the article Note: Read only ''' return self._tweets @property def movies(self): ''' list(Video): A listing of all videos within the article such as YouTube or Vimeo Returns: list(Video): See more information on the goose3.Video class Note: Read only ''' return self._movies @property def links(self): ''' list(str): A listing of URL links within the article Note: Read only ''' return self._links @property def authors(self): ''' list(str): A listing of authors as parsed from the meta tags Note: Read only ''' return self._authors @property def final_url(self): ''' str: The URL that was used to pull and parsed; `None` if raw_html was used and no url element was found. Note: Read only ''' return self._final_url @property def link_hash(self): ''' str: The hash of the final url to be used for various identification tasks Note: Read only ''' return self._link_hash @property def raw_html(self): ''' str: The HTML represented as a string Note: Read only ''' return self._raw_html @property def doc(self): ''' etree: lxml document that is being processed Note: Read only ''' return self._doc @property def raw_doc(self): ''' etree: Original, uncleaned, and untouched lxml document to be processed Note: Read only ''' return self._raw_doc @property def schema(self): ''' dict: All schema tag data Note: Read only ''' return self._schema @property def publish_date(self): ''' str: The date the article was published based on meta tag extraction Note: Read only ''' return self._publish_date @property def publish_datetime_utc(self): ''' datetime.datetime: The date time version of the published date based on meta tag extraction \ in the UTC timezone, if timezone information is known Note: Read only ''' return self._publish_datetime_utc @property def additional_data(self): ''' dict: A property bucket for consumers of goose3 to store custom data extractions Note: Read only ''' return self._additional_data @property def infos(self): ''' dict: The summation of all data available about the extracted article Note: Read only ''' data = { "meta": { "description": self.meta_description, "lang": self.meta_lang, "keywords": self.meta_keywords, "favicon": self.meta_favicon, "canonical": self.canonical_link, "encoding": self.meta_encoding }, "image": None, "domain": self.domain, "title": self.title, "cleaned_text": self.cleaned_text, "opengraph": self.opengraph, "tags": self.tags, "tweets": self.tweets, "movies": [], "links": self.links, "authors": self.authors, "publish_date": self.publish_date } # image if self.top_image is not None: data['image'] = { 'url': self.top_image.src, 'width': self.top_image.width, 'height': self.top_image.height, 'type': 'image' } # movies for movie in self.movies: data['movies'].append({ 'embed_type': movie.embed_type, 'provider': movie.provider, 'width': movie.width, 'height': movie.height, 'embed_code': movie.embed_code, 'src': movie.src, }) return data