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[docs] class Video: """Video object""" def __init__(self): # type of embed # embed, object, iframe self._embed_type = None # video provider name self._provider = None # width self._width = None # height self._height = None # embed code self._embed_code = None # src self._src = None @property def embed_type(self): """str: The type of embeding such as embed, object, or iframe Note: Read only""" return self._embed_type @property def provider(self): """str: The video provider Note: Read only""" return self._provider @property def width(self): """int: The video width in pixels Note: Read only""" return self._width @property def height(self): """int: The video height in pixels Note: Read only""" return self._height @property def embed_code(self): """str: The embed code of the video Note: Read only""" return self._embed_code @property def src(self): """str: The URL source of the video Note: Read only""" return self._src