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This is a python port of "Goose" orignialy licensed to
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Python port was written by Xavier Grangier for Recrutae licenses this file
to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance
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[docs] class Image: def __init__(self): # holds the Element node of the image we think is top dog self._top_image_node = None # holds the src of the image self._src = "" # how confident are we in this image extraction? # the most images generally the less confident self._confidence_score = float(0.0) # Height of the image in pixels self._height = 0 # width of the image in pixels self._width = 0 # what kind of image extraction was used for this? # bestGuess, linkTag, openGraph tags? self._extraction_type = "NA" # stores how many bytes this image is. self._bytes = int(0) @property def top_image_node(self): """etree: The most likely top image element node Note: Read only""" return self._top_image_node @property def src(self): """str: Source URL for the image Note: Read only""" return self._src @property def confidence_score(self): """float: The confidence score that this is the main image Note: Read only""" return self._confidence_score @property def height(self): """int: The image height in pixels Note: Read only""" return self._height @property def width(self): """int: The image width in pixels Note: Read only""" return self._width @property def extraction_type(self): """str: The extraction type used Note: Read only""" return self._extraction_type @property def bytes(self): """int: The size of the image in bytes Note: Read only""" return self._bytes def get_src(self): return self.src
class ImageDetails: def __init__(self): # the width of the image self.width = 0 # height of the image self.height = 0 # the mime_type of the image JPEG / PNG self.mime_type = None def get_width(self): return self.width def set_width(self, width): self.width = width def get_height(self): return self.height def set_height(self, height): self.height = height def get_mime_type(self): return self.mime_type def set_mime_type(self, mime_type): self.mime_type = mime_type class LocallyStoredImage: def __init__(self, src="", local_filename="", link_hash="", size=int(0), file_extension="", height=0, width=0): self.src = src self.local_filename = local_filename self.link_hash = link_hash self.bytes = size self.file_extension = file_extension self.height = height self.width = width